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So you wanna trade with me , or want me to buy something from you? (or vise versa?) Heres whatcha gotta do.

#1.) Check my "I Want" list before you ask if I want to buy something from you. If it's not there...I probably may not be TOO intrested...but offer anyways. Inquire by sending an E-mail to

#2.) As Of July 22nd, 2005 I'am not really looking for trading anything at the moment.out of my collection. My collection is NOT big enough...I do not have Doubles..I only have one of each system. UNLESS you have something i *REALLY* want...I may give it serious thought. This will be changed as time goes by and my collection is big enough to go into die hard trading.

#3.) It may be anywhere from a week to three weeks from the time of offer to actually sending you payment or trade items. I WILL do my best to keep you updated however, but there ARE things that sometimes do arise out of my control.