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Welcome to The About Me Page of My Personal Site.. Pretty much, about me in a Tiny, somewhat compact and hopefully easy to read nutshell. I'm not the most interesting guy in the world, but hey, it wouldn't be a personal site without at least a little page like this now, wouldn't it? Pretty much I'll blab on, and on, and on about myself right now, as EGOTISTICAL AND STUCK UP AS I' AM!, and ask questions I THINK you may have and answer them. Remember, you can always send your own questions to me at RockyCoon@comcast.

Quick Profile

Real Name: <censored in archive>
Online name: RockyRaccoon / RockyCoon
Birth date: February 18th, 1983
Residence: New England Area - Massachusetts
AND..thats all I'm willing to tell you at the moment. If you have any questions about that, feel free to ask as usual.


How did I Get into Collecting Old Gaming Systems?

                           It STARTED innocently enough. As most things do... <insert foreboding, scary music here> , then *IT* Struck! DA DA DAH!. Yeah. it was an Atari 2600, two of 'em... sitting in a green basket at the Lancaster Flea Market in Lancaster Massachusetts, with a good lot of games. At the time..I had only purchased a Game Gear for 4 bucks at a Radio meet I went to with my friend, Adam Vaughn. So I thought..."Why the Heck Not", both systems (A 2600 Darth Vader Model...and a Atari Jr. 2600.) and the games were mine for 25 bucks. Not bad I say. Sure. I mean...I COULD had stopped at the Atari, but nooooo..that was'nt enough! I had to have MORE. I soon got an Intellivision , and an SNES a week later...

And I was Hooked. Yeah. That's pretty much it.


UH, besides Classic Console and Game collecting, Any OTHER Hobbies?

                         Lessee. I run the forums at, which is a site about the physics / ideals of the Sonic the Hedgehog World. I also like to draw and cartoon occasionally, in fact...I did the Raccoon graphics you see on the main banner and main page!. I also am an Amateur game designer...and work on a few of my own pet project games you might eventually hear about on the main news page of this site. I'm also working on a commercial game project with a good friend, which you may also hear about here. I also am a Very avid fisherman when the right season hits here in New England. I like to fish for big ole' Largemouth Bass.

Beyond that, I really don't have too many hobbies past Gaming / Game collecting.


Your Fascination with Raccoons scares Me. I demand to know WHAT'S WITH ALL THE RACCOONS!

                     Simply an old favorite childhood Animal. A Raccoon used to nest on top of our house when I was a little kid. My Dad Named it Rocky. Also...this name ended up being my online alias. hence, Rocky Raccoon is born online. Simple enough, right? Right.